Fluid System



Fluid System deals with the construction of different types of Hydraulics Units .


Technical details:

Fluid System designs and manufactures Special Hydraulics Systems which are customized for a specific application, sector and machine. It combines its technical and construction know-how with the components of the best brands on the market.

The work and experience of the technical office integrated with the most modern 3D CAD technologies have allowed us to gain design experience in every application.

We create special blocks which are designed and processed with CAD / CAM technology. Once combined with the best of materials and surface treatments this technology allows us to be the right interlocutor in every sector.

Experience and training acquired in all the certifications allows us to offer the customer the advice suitable for development in international markets.

Focus on energy efficiency

The reduction in energy consumption is very topical all over the world and therefore, it has led to the development of new “Energy saving” solutions in the hydraulic sector which have resulted in motor pump units driven by brushless motors which are combined with drives that regulate the rotation speed. The brushless motor is coupled to a fixed displacement pump and the variation of the rotation speed allows to generate a variable oil flow rate according to the actual needs of the circuit, thus reducing the overall electrical consumption.

saving energy


Technical details:

Fluid System manufactures and develops simpler systems that can adapt to the most varied applications, in order to contain costs and reduce delivery times.

FMK mini power packs: small power units characterized by modular elements for the use of small hydraulics drives, up to 25Lt tank with maximum power of 4kW.

SCV Hydraulics Units: standard hydraulic power packs designed for a quick and easy realization of a circuit with modular elements according to ISO 03 and ISO 05, tanks up to 200Lt, motors up to 15kW and pumps up to 60Lt / min.
They are ready for easy assembly of heat exchangers, electrical level and other optional accessories.

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